Zen As Religion

What is ซีรี่ย์ญี่ปุ่น , and why are more and more people thinking about it? Is Zen a religion? Why has it become so well received in the West, enough where the phrase ‘zen’ is now an adjective (like, “that’s so zen”)?
Well, to start with Zen is in fact lots of things e-mail; indeed, those types of things Zen can be a authentic religion. Buddhism, though some love to claim as increasing numbers of of philosophy or possibly a life style, is really a religion. It is not just a ‘spiritual philosophy.’ Among its tenants are the idea of reincarnation, heaven and hell, Gods and spirits, unique angel-like creatures called Kannon, and demons, there is a world too the location where the dead dwell and come to earth from annually. It presupposes that many human being is full with latent Buddha nature which will someday bloom into enlightenment. At the peaceful end, all humans will achieve enlightenment and there won’t be any more dependence on human existence on the planet, which can be equated with suffering.
I mention the above particularly as these information hell and angels usually get passed over when we try and describe Buddhism, which Zen is of but one sect of and naturally adheres for the same major beliefs. I know these things because I have lived in Japan for 25 years, and although Japanese usually are not religiously devout at this time, they see Buddhism as religion, not philosophy.
Why is Zen quite popular? I think due to the fact of the minimalist Zen aesthetic, which swept Japan in the center ages. The rock gardens, haiku, ink painting, and tea ceremony- basically all of what we should now consider traditional Japanese art- all originate from Zen. So do the martial arts that the samurai and ninja utilized to defeat their foes. In a way, Zen had a real pervasive effect on Japanese culture that it’s not outlandish to state that Japanese culture is Zen culture.